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 Dear Fellow Americans And Allies!

I would like to present you with some startling scientific evidence that will lead you to some far reaching and vitally important conclusions that will change your life.

Let's start out with the fact that you have one set of parents, two sets of grandparents, four sets of great grandparents, and eight sets of great, great grandparents. You can see that every generation of your's doubles. If you take into consideration that there are 25 years to each generation, you can conclude that 100 hundred years ago you had eight direct ancestors. But, using the same logic, if you go back 500 hundred years, about the time Columbus was sailing to America, you had 1,048,576 direct ancestors! Or, you can say that you had a hell of a lot of great(x20) grandparents. (i.e. 500 years \25 years for each generation =20 generations. Each generation doubles, as we all have two parents. So then, your parents going back 500 years to their progenitors would be directly in line with 220 or 1,048,576 ancestors.) Using the same formula to go back 1000 years you discover you had 1,099,511,627,776 great(x40) grandparents! If you went back 2000 years ago to the days of Christ you would have had 1.20892581961524 great(x80) grandparents! But even more mind boggling is when you consider the earth's population. There are 6 billion people on the earth. Say that the average family has three kids. That would give us 2 billion groups of brothers. But this number is inaccurate because there are about three or four generations living. So let's divide 2 billion conservatively by four (the number of generations). We then get a number of one half billion. If you multiply this times the amount of ancestors each of these half billion brother groups had in the past you could estimate the world's population at any given time. Thus, 100 years ago the world's population was four billion; 500 years ago the world's population was 5.2428814 people; 1000 years ago the world's population was 5.4975581388820 people; 2000 years ago there were 6.04462909807532 people. Bear in mind that if I typed these numbers without scientific notation they would take up pages of space.

So what do these numbers tell us? The numbers point to the fact that the world's population was much greater in the past than in the present. Then why is it that the news media, books, etc., say that the world population is increasing and that people need to practice birth control? This is one of the greatest mass deceptions in history. The world's population has been dwindling in modern times. Why is this population explosion myth propaganda being perpetuated even though it goes against all common sense and scientific evidence? It is part of a massive communist plot. The commies are waiting for the United States and the free world's population to diminish so that NATO's army troop levels drop. When our military numbers decrease so much that we cannot defend ourselves against the Red Army the commies will invade. We are in immediate danger. Communist infiltration is imminent!

"But," you say, "Communism has fallen and the cold war is over." If you believe that in the face of the evidence I have just presented to you, it only shows the massive extent and power of commie propaganda. The fall of Communism is a massive charade executed by the Kremlin. Just when we think we are safe, and after we have destroyed our much needed nuclear arsenal, the commies will invade and take over the United States of America! Do not believe anything you hear in the commie controlled media. The Kremlin is still controlled by evil commie pinkos who are bent on world domination.

The news media has reported on economic chaos in Russia. Do not believe this Commie propaganda. It is part of a plot to get money from the west in the form of World Bank and IMF loans (which the commies have no intention of repaying). The Commies will then use our own money to build up their military to destroy us!

The Kremlin's hold on our way of life is much stronger than most people imagine. We are in immediate danger of a commie take over. It could happen in a couple of years, or it may even take place within the next few months. It is imperative that we take these precautions in order to preserve the American way of life under the threat of total annihilation of a commie attack.

1. Do not believe anything you see or read in the commie controlled media.

2. Impregnate as many women as you can in order to offset the commie plot to deplete our population. If you are a woman do everything in your power to get pregnant. All forms of birth control are communist. We must fight to outlaw the pill, condoms, IUDs, etc. Even the rhythm method, advocated by the Catholic Church thereby proving their communist infiltration, must be made illegal.

3. Write to your Congressman and Senator and urge them not to trust the Russians, and to substantially increase and NOT to cut our nuclear weapon arsenal. (We will surely need these weapons to blow the pinkos' brains out and teach them a lesson.)

4. Be on constant guard for commie plots and communist infiltration.

5. If you have not done so already, you should build a bomb shelter in your back yard. Store in your shelter a one or two year supply of food for you and your family. You should also keep in stock a good supply of weapons and ammunition to fight off the Red army land crews if our nuclear retaliatory strikes don't stop them. If the worst happens and the commie nuclear missiles destroy our country before we blast their brains out with our nuclear might, some scientists say that we can emerge from our bomb shelters after a few years. Then, without a doubt, I am confident that within a short time we can rebuild the free enterprise system.

Only with your own individual and each true American's steadfast vigilance can we ward off commie influences and the impending Red invasion. I trust you will stand with me and confront this formidable challenge; it is this great indomitable American spirit that sets us apart from the Godless Reds. Please join me and The League for the American Way of Life to fight the commie pinkos, and drive them into the ground where they belong. With God's grace the American way of life will survive.

God Bless America,

Brian Friedkin
Commander in Chief and President
The League For The American Way of Life