A personal message from Four Star General Curtus Ebenezzer McPeacock:

Thank you for your interest in preserving the free world from communist infiltration. Only with steadfast vigilance and state of the art military preparedness can we ward off threats to liberty and our way of life.

As a military professional with experience in several combat operatives I have seen the need not only for a strong military program, but also an essential mental spirit. This entails what I consider an anti-communist American outlook. In essence, a dedication to preserving the free world. In the face of what President Friedkin has presented to us this means we must do all we can to impregnate our wives and girl friends. Anti-communist women must make it their aim to get pregnant. We must not waste sperm! Of course I support building more nuclear weapons to safeguard the free world against commie aggressors, and to teach them a lesson if necessary. But what good are weapons stockpiles if we lack military personnel to fire them? Let's get breeding Americans and free world anti-communists! If any women out there are having trouble finding an anti-communist American sperm donor please feel free to contact me. As a military officer I am dedicated to defending our country against savage communist aggression. But I also feel it is my personal duty to not waste any sperm. The human male produces millions of sperm a day. We have the potential to re-fortify the anti communist population by efficient use of this precious bodily fluid. Please remember, anti-communist sperm is a terrible thing to waste.

I have known President Friedkin for several years and have worked with him before. You can be assured that he runs a ship-shape military-like operation. Through his dedication, insight and leadership we can re-populate the free world, maintain the free enterprise system, and keep the commie dogs in check!


General Curtus Ebenezzer McPeacock
General ( Four Star) US Army
Honorary Vice Chairman

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